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Weee, long time no update.

After hanging out and working out/training with Clinton, Erryn and Peter I realized a lot of things.

One is that when you're gettin in shape and dodging all the bad foods, you feel a lot better :)

Another thing is that there really is no drama unless you make it. All this high school bullshit that happens.. you know, the stuff that REALLY gets to some people.. is only being made worse by those people. Clinton was one of them, but I think he's coming to terms with the fact that there is no drama.

I've never betrayed a friend. I've never lied to someone (unless of course it's the little white lies we all tell, of course :P) and I've never turned my back on a friend. Which is why it's killing me, wondering if sometimes trying so hard is even worth it. I'm nothing but nice and kind to people around me, even when those people can be incredibly hard headed and ignorant of that fact. Which is why I spose I'm going to continue on a mature path and ignore senseless drama that people are encouraging. (one reason I'm glad I'm out of my old store).

I spend about 8 hours a day workin, and a couple hours workin out and training each day (sometimes a mix of at home and at the gym). I'm eating healthier, and even did a bit of art the other day. I'm even involving myself in this foam weapon fighting thing that'll take up my Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons. But still there are hours that need to be taken up.

Thank goodness for friends like Nev, Stray and Ash! :D Friends should be friends, and ignore pointless drama that isn't there!

OMGosh, if anyone wants to take Yoga classes with me, I'd be game.

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