Cassie (strill) wrote,


Avatar was pretty fuckin cool. I want to live there. X_X

And I used to get more frustrated about people bein all hypocritical and bitchy, but I think I'm gettin past that. :)

Another note, workin out both body and mind are doing wonders for me. I feel all.. ferally self-confident. More in control of who I am and what I can do. God bless friends who are friends!

Speakin of which, all my friends out there who I'm accusing need to stop being dicks and realize that everyone is just as culpable as the next. I guaran-damn-tee ya that there isn't a single one among us who hasn't caused their share of distraction. Could point out specific instances for each, but there's really no need. Just calm down, and realize we're all in this for fun, not for drama or strict business. :P

Keep it cool and have fun with life folks! :D And DUDE, watch Avatar if you get the chance!

Next on my list:
Boondock saints 2; and ninja assassin.

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