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I've been feelin the weight of stress for the past couple of months. Thank goodness Clint knows where I'm coming from. It's really nice to know someone who's roughly my age with similar experience. I think that's why I enjoy hanging out with him so much. It's an escape after the stresses of work and apartment and finances and whatnot. Everything about him is really turning out to match me, and yes, that kinda scares me a bit.

The apartment is a mess, but everytime I come home to it, I just get frustrated and want to run away again. My next day off Starbucks I'm going to spend cleaning. It's just rough working 50-60 hours a week and not knowing when I can pay off my bills. I didn't have enough for my car payment this month, so I just hope my credit doesn't completely bomb.

It's gettin to be the only thing I'm lookin forward to is visiting my family in (hopefully) January. I hate not being there for the holidays. Ace was even going to split the ticket 50% if I could make it for Christmas, but I am to the point I have to work every holiday again this year (thanksgiving, xmas, new years). It's too good of pay to pass up. Oh my gosh I can't wait for my tax return.

Keep smiling, right? :) Thoughts of the future sustain me!

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