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OMGosh. So the past two nights were hilariously fun! Repo: The Genetic Opera was playing at the Esquire on the big screens, and since we are in a shadow cast we all dressed up for it. IT FREAKIN RAWKED.

Tonight was the best, since we actually got to do one of the scenes (We Started This Opera Shit) and it was awesome! Well, for not having really ever worked on it. :)

I dressed up as Amber in her black and white getup from the couch, since I wanted to kill myself with yarn work. I didn't buy the corset top yet since money is iffy, so I managed to scrape together some of the stuff I already had to make the outfit look recognizable. It was GREAT, because tonight we'd had the entire Largo family there in costume! I just wish we had a Mag with us *looks at Blue*. Bllluuuuuue, we needed you XD

Our GENterns looked GREAT. Pics will be uploaded and posted once acquired. We took some fancy shots at Lakens before coming over.

OH, and I'm actually going to bust down and start this workout thing, since I think they finally opened up the workout room here and I will start posting weekly updates on here, every Monday. That way I seem accountable! :D Here's to losin weight and gettin attractive!

And on a final note, I think my strong sexual urges lately are due to exercise and my random dance-workouts. I'm not sure if those urges are just brought on by the physical energy, or if it's because it's nearin that time of the month (I think), or because of a lack of activity recently. Hmmm.. pondering. Trying so hard not to go the fwb route, since that doesn't always work with people, but okc has some interesting people on it. Mostly assholes or weirdos just lookin for sex, but random decent seeming people not too unattractive. Great for meeting new people you otherwise wouldn't!

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