I'm exhausted, but for some reason can't sleep.

Worked til 8:30pm, went over thinkin I could get in an hour of Repo rehearsal, got some in, but had to leave at 10pm. Got home to take Kaylee out, feed her, do my hour of exercises that I need to do for practice and so my knee doesn't collapse again.

Part of what I keep thinking about keepin me awake can't be fixed short term. Mrf. I found a sweatshirt that smells like him.

He makes me think differently about things. Realize what's worth it and what's not. Realize that maybe he is worth the wait and the stress. He's already helped me change the way I view sex. I want it for different reasons now.

Weee, long time no update.

After hanging out and working out/training with Clinton, Erryn and Peter I realized a lot of things.

One is that when you're gettin in shape and dodging all the bad foods, you feel a lot better :)

Another thing is that there really is no drama unless you make it. All this high school bullshit that happens.. you know, the stuff that REALLY gets to some people.. is only being made worse by those people. Clinton was one of them, but I think he's coming to terms with the fact that there is no drama.

I've never betrayed a friend. I've never lied to someone (unless of course it's the little white lies we all tell, of course :P) and I've never turned my back on a friend. Which is why it's killing me, wondering if sometimes trying so hard is even worth it. I'm nothing but nice and kind to people around me, even when those people can be incredibly hard headed and ignorant of that fact. Which is why I spose I'm going to continue on a mature path and ignore senseless drama that people are encouraging. (one reason I'm glad I'm out of my old store).

I spend about 8 hours a day workin, and a couple hours workin out and training each day (sometimes a mix of at home and at the gym). I'm eating healthier, and even did a bit of art the other day. I'm even involving myself in this foam weapon fighting thing that'll take up my Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons. But still there are hours that need to be taken up.

Thank goodness for friends like Nev, Stray and Ash! :D Friends should be friends, and ignore pointless drama that isn't there!

OMGosh, if anyone wants to take Yoga classes with me, I'd be game.
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Weeee :D

So.. I'm transferring Starbucks. The pros totally outweigh the cons.

I'll be bored to tears with a lobby store, but I'll get maxed hours and they close at 8pm instead of my current store 10pm. :D And I'll get out of my current drama-store, even though I wasn't personally involved in it.

Twitchy with excitement. Just found out today, but I start at the new store a week from now. X_X


Avatar was pretty fuckin cool. I want to live there. X_X

And I used to get more frustrated about people bein all hypocritical and bitchy, but I think I'm gettin past that. :)

Another note, workin out both body and mind are doing wonders for me. I feel all.. ferally self-confident. More in control of who I am and what I can do. God bless friends who are friends!

Speakin of which, all my friends out there who I'm accusing need to stop being dicks and realize that everyone is just as culpable as the next. I guaran-damn-tee ya that there isn't a single one among us who hasn't caused their share of distraction. Could point out specific instances for each, but there's really no need. Just calm down, and realize we're all in this for fun, not for drama or strict business. :P

Keep it cool and have fun with life folks! :D And DUDE, watch Avatar if you get the chance!

Next on my list:
Boondock saints 2; and ninja assassin.


So basically, you can't rely on people.

I wish folks would just accept each other for who they are. I accept all my friends for their faults, sometimes wish I had the return service.

Apartment situation bad, since Stray changed her mind about wanting to move in and Nev still can't afford it.

Good spots include Erryn, Peter and Clint. Go-go-friends!

There was the brief summary.

My internship starts soon for dog training.


I've been feelin the weight of stress for the past couple of months. Thank goodness Clint knows where I'm coming from. It's really nice to know someone who's roughly my age with similar experience. I think that's why I enjoy hanging out with him so much. It's an escape after the stresses of work and apartment and finances and whatnot. Everything about him is really turning out to match me, and yes, that kinda scares me a bit.

The apartment is a mess, but everytime I come home to it, I just get frustrated and want to run away again. My next day off Starbucks I'm going to spend cleaning. It's just rough working 50-60 hours a week and not knowing when I can pay off my bills. I didn't have enough for my car payment this month, so I just hope my credit doesn't completely bomb.

It's gettin to be the only thing I'm lookin forward to is visiting my family in (hopefully) January. I hate not being there for the holidays. Ace was even going to split the ticket 50% if I could make it for Christmas, but I am to the point I have to work every holiday again this year (thanksgiving, xmas, new years). It's too good of pay to pass up. Oh my gosh I can't wait for my tax return.

Keep smiling, right? :) Thoughts of the future sustain me!
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Black Friday.

So.. I work in a bit.

I am working at Kohl's (clothing retail store thingy of AWESOMENESS) from 4am-12pm, then over at Starbucks from 2pm-10:30pm.

..On black friday. With sales out the wazoo. I'm going to be so tired >_>

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, and happy shoppings!

Customer Service

So, since workin customer service/retail since I was 16 (that's 7 years now) I've come to several realizations.

First, there will always be dickhead customers. I always used to get mad at them and suffer through it, but I've since found ways to deal. It helps to complain to my coworkers and come up with sarcastically funny things to say. Even to the customer, as long as it's sarcasm with a smile they probably won't understand.

Actually, a funny thing we've taken to experimenting with is being overly nice to the mean ones. 100% of the time that I've been enthusiastically nice to someone who was previously being mean (I don't mean acting like a dirt-licking pushover, just trying to 'fix' their situation) it's resulted in them stopping. Most of the time it makes them apologize and feel bad about what they've done.

Also, we've learned that if you AGREE with them, they have no room to complain anymore, so they stop. Like this situation:

Customer: "You guys are ALWAYS out of those Bliss bars when I come in. This is ridiculous!"
Me: "Oh my gosh, I know! I never get them either because they run out before I can buy one too!"
Customer: "Er.. well.. yeah. Are you guys going to be ordering more?"
Me: "I hope so!"
Customer: "Okay.. thanks.."

I like confusing customers when they are angry :D

It's also actually really surprising what a smile can do. Some people are so caught up in their own bad moods that they don't realize they are being dickish to someone undeserving. Imagine if YOU've had a rough day, then try to make yourself feel better getting coffee or taco bell or cookies, or whatever, and they are out of something or slow or mess your order up. You'd be upset too. Sometimes people (employees and customers both) need to learn a little bit of understanding.
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